Automatic document field detection

Our parsers intelligently recognizes and auto-detects unique fields from uploaded documents.

Document language detection

Detect the language in scanned or printed documents, images, and PDFs.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Convert scanned or printed documents, including images and PDFs, into machine-readable text.

Integration and automation

Our document parsers can be integrated into existing software systems or workflows.


„Sąskaita123“ API integracija sukurta taip, kad atitiktų jūsų verslo poreikius ir leistų išrašyti sąskaitas-faktūras prekiaujantiems internetu.
Extract data from Transport Related Documents - Manifests
Air waybills
Extract data from Air waybills documents
Shipping documents
Extract data from Shipping documents
Bill of Lading
Extract data from Bill of Lading documents
Extract data from Editorials documents
News Article
Extract data from News Articles
Email campaigns
Extract data from email campaign documents
Extract data from Surveys documents
Press Release
Extract data from Press Release documents
Extract data from Newsletters documents
Extract data from Brochures documents
Data Collection Sheets
Extract data from Data collection sheets documents
Survey reports
Extract data from Survey reports documents
Case studies
Extract data from Case studies documents
Lab reports
Extract data from Lab reports
Research paper
Extract data from Research paper documents
Release notes
Document containing brief, high-level descriptions of new features and improvements in a particular software release.
Technical Reviews
Extract data from Technical Reviews documents
Extract data from Proposals documents
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